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National Portrait Gallery Trip BP Portrait Prize

On Thursday 21st September the Year 11 Art class were lucky enough to go to the National Portrait Gallery in London to aid them with their current developments in their unit of portraits. We were able to look round the galleries seeing work ranging from old fashioned portraits to more modern work created with photography. There was also a piece made from taxidermy, wood fake moss by Tim Noble and Sue Webster which was projected onto the wall using a light projector. Mr Rayfield found this piece interesting and said “I was interested in how they used feathers and animal parts to create a portrait via projection”. Mrs McGinn was intrigued in the drawing of Timothy Spall, which was created using Pencil and Charcoal. Whilst we were eating our lunch in Trafalgar Square a celebrity happened to walk past us-Helena Bonham Carter! It took us a while to realise it was her but we did manage to get a photo but sadly it wasn’t in focus. However, when we went back inside to go to the BP Portrait Award exhibition she was also in there, which caused us all great excitement. May be one of our final pieces will be Helena Bonham Carter!