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‘Headway’ Charity Lunch

On Wednesday 13th December, the Year 10 GCSE Music class and some Year 11 Music students spent the afternoon performing at a Christmas dinner for Headway, a charity which helps to improve life for people with a brain injury. We arrived at the Manor Lodge at midday, and began singing carols as the guests entered. The atmosphere was very friendly and fun, which we noticed when everyone started dancing together and singing along with us! Then we did some individual performances while the guests ate their dinner. These included pieces by the flute choir, solos and duets by singers and musicians, and a whole-group performance of ‘Step into Christmas’ which the guests sang and danced along to as well. The experience helped us all to broaden our minds and horizons, as we got to meet people who we would not have otherwise talked to.  Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and supportive of what we had sang or played to them. We even met a woman who had once been a student at Fort Pitt, and we had a lot of fun finding out about what the school (and the teachers) were like when she was at school! Overall, the day was a very fun experience.  It has improved my confidence to perform in public and it was lovely to talk to the people at Headway to see the amazing work they do for people with brain injuries and their families.

Holly Exley Year 10

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