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Christmas Market Trip

We went to Germany on the 6th December and we all had a lot of fun. The journey by coach is quite a long one but we still managed to entertain ourselves.

We went to several Christmas markets, the first was in a town called Aachen, an hour drive from Cologne. It was cold but very lovely.

In Cologne, we firstly visited the cathedral (533 steps to go to the top – but worth it – as the view is amazing!) It is Germany’s most visited landmark! Then, we visited the Christmas market near the cathedral and went shopping in the High Street.  I bought caramelised almonds for my mum and a big ginger biscuit for my sister. I tried potato pancakes and the famous Bratwurst!

How delicious!  We visited the Lindt Chocolate Museum where my friend and I customised our own chocolate!  After visiting the Christmas market next to the museum, we visited the Köln Triangle, an office building with an observation deck on the top floor (28th floor) with panoramic views all over Cologne. We stayed in a very comfortable hostel and we enjoyed every bit of our trip. I would definitely do it again!

Lauren Lindfield, Year 8

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