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Fort Pitt Grammar School

We are an innovative school with a very clear vision of what we want to achieve. Our ethos is founded on four “excellences”, starting with academic excellence. Without outstanding teaching and learning taking place – day in, day out – everything else a school might excel at will go to waste. However, we know that any great school is about so much more than what happens in the classroom, which explains our belief in community excellence. Being an outward-looking and modern institution, Fort Pitt embraces this engagement at school, local, national and global level.   Appearance excellence relates to the high standards maintained by students in terms of uniform, presentation and behaviour. Last but by no means least comes environment excellence.  To support the other three “excellences’, we believe a high quality learning environment, totally focussed on learning, raising aspirations, achievement and celebration is essential and promotes and supports the development of pride, self-respect and enjoyment.

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“Having aspirations is nice. Fulfilling them is exhilarating

Motto of Phoenix University 

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